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Popular Security Door Locks

01/11/2017 Back To Blog

If you are looking for reliable high security door locks for your home, here we take a look at some of the most common designs available. We explain the core advantages of each design and provide an idea of the circumstances for which they are most suitable. We hope this introduction helps!Popular Security Door Locks

Strong Deadbolt Locks

These locks are built to withstand incredible amounts of force. They are essentially based on the principle that a very thick steel bolt is near impossible to break without the use of extreme power tools. They are a preventative as well as an assurance that your doors can’t be easily cracked. If you want a high security lock that is relatively simple in its design but certainly does the job of securing your doors from common break in techniques, this is a safe and basic option. Some designs are easy enough to be installed by an amateur, but for best results in terms of functionality and positioning, we would always advise having an expert locksmith handle it for you.

Keyless Electronic Locks

Keyless auto locks are a more elaborate option for those looking for more modern and sophisticated security measures. With keyless locks you can unlock doors from a distance if you have a remote, or have a pad that requires a code for entry. Not having a key means you negate the risk of having your key copied or stolen. It also means you don't have to worry about losing keys while away from home. Another key factor is how easy this type of lock is to install. Electronic locks are typically self-contained which makes them quick and simple to fit to almost any type of door. 

Modern Cylinder Locks

This style is typically used on UPVC doors. Cylinder locks can be built into handles and offer great security due to their multipoint design. Compared to basic traditional locks, cylinders are very difficult to pick or force open. You will need the help of a professional from a locksmith services company to install a new one. They are activated with flat metal keys that are simple to re-cut if they are lost or broken. The vast majority of mobile locksmiths keep key cutting equipment with them wherever they travel to ensure they can provide key repair and replacement as needed. These locks can be installed on your mains doors, windows and all types of UPVC outhouse.

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