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Let the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in the locksmith industry help you to achieve and keep the optimal level of security for your property. The information on door locks and keys provided here is highly valuable in more ways than one. Take full advantage of it.

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Should I replace burgled locks?

Lock repairs depend on the extent of damage. If the locks are vandalized, you have no choice but replacing them. If they are still okay but they let burglars in, it means that they are not good at all and you should have them replaced with more resistant ones.

Should I change all locks if I move into a new house?

You will benefit from getting the exterior door locks replaced or rekeyed. Rekeying is an effective solution when the locks are in good condition and offer a high level of protection to the house. You will get new keys for the locks while the old ones will no longer work. If the existing locks are in bad shape or are greatly outdated, replacement will be the better option.

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