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Get effective solutions and door security improvements with our commercial locksmith services. Our services range from emergency assistance to the installation and programming of digital locks. Our specialists work with door locksets of all designs, brands and years of production. We help businesses of all types and sizes with protecting their assets better. Our solutions are effective and reliable and implemented swiftly.Commercial Locksmith in Sunnyside

Commitment to Exceptional Quality

Do not hesitate to call us if you have an urgent problem such as lost office keys. Our team is available 24 hours a day to provide emergency help. The phone is answered straight away. Our technician will be with you in the shortest possible time. We are completely mobile and know the local area extremely well. All of our professionals are facilitated with advanced equipment and high-quality spare parts to eliminate any issue right there and then. In the case of key loss, you will be back inside your office in no time. In order for the problem to be resolved completely, the lock will be rekeyed and a new set of keys will be provided to you. This is how security is restored to its previous level.

Damaged and faulty locks are fixed quickly and effectively by our professionals. Our lock repair service is based on proven techniques. It includes the replacement of components and cleaning and lubrication when required. Everything is done to ensure that the lockset will work optimally again. When the problem is with the key, we will fix it in an equally reliable manner. When locksets and keys are damaged beyond repair or completely broken, our team will replace them right away. You can opt for a more advanced locking device to get a higher level of protection from potential intruders.

Count on us to improve the security of your office, production facility, warehouse or store in an effective and cost-efficient manner. You can readily opt for our extended commercial lock change service which includes assessment of the current level of security and assistance with the selection of the new locking devices. Our company has the capacity to replace a large number of locks in a short time. At "Locksmith Sunnyside", we have long-term experience with the implementation of master key systems. With strict organization and meticulous work, our technicians achieve excellent results fast.

Our solutions go beyond the installation, repair and rekeying of door locks. Our services cover the locking devices of cabinets used by businesses including file cabinets. We specialize in office safe installation as well. The service includes consultation for the selection of the device as well as its fitting into the most suitable place. Asset security is enhanced effectively.

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